Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Youth Vote

The conventional wisdom this election cycle is that first time voters will make all the difference in who the next president will be. College campuses have become central battlegrounds for voter registration drives and the youth of America see a kindred spirit in the Obama campaign that is not reflected on the McCain side of the equation.

Florida's senior citizen population, firmly in the McCain camp have wavered as the Palin factor has raised eyebrows and the decimation of retirement income has raided pocketbooks. McCain loses when the economy is at the forefront of the national discussion and his inability to excite on college campuses dooms him even more.

The young people are the new electorate and this election has placed them front and center in the idealogical battle for political supremacy. And while the new voting age demographic flexes their political muscles today (November 4th, 2008) an even newer demographic is struggling to make their voices heard. The youth of tomorrow. The 16-year olds who desperately want to be included in their country's future but are marginalized by arbitrary voting-age laws. All across the country there is a movement afoot to amend voting-age laws and allow more of our young people to have a say in their future.

A good discussion of this can be seen here: http://www.wandsandworlds.com/blog1/2008/11/those-who-cant-vote.html

It's not just the 18+ individuals that should be moving our country in a new direction. Stand up and be counted if you are legally able to do so and cast your vote for your future. If you are too young to vote, join the drive to lower the voting age and get involved in determining the path for America.