Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There can be only one!

Satistics are flying fast and furious as the Pennsylvania voting is tallied and Hillary crows about her 10% win over Barack. The statistic that matters most is completely unknown at this point and no amount of polling in my opinion can discern what the voting public will do when there is a single nominee on the Democratic side to go up against John McCain.

Sure you can ask the question but the answers are all viewed through the prism of two candidates competing for the prize. If you're a Hillary fan you're already predisposed not be enamored with Barack and vice versa. Would a Clinton supporter cast a vote for Obama if he is the nominee? My bet would be yes, in most cases.

It's going to come down to "more of the same" or "something different". McCain's positions continue to evolve and change to reflect the current administration thinking as he tries to pander to the Republican base so as much as McCain hopes to avoid the "Bush" stigma, I think he's going to have to wear that stink around his neck during the runup to November. If you liked the last 8 years and you think that the country is on the right path, check the (R) box. If not it's going to be a (D).

Put me in the "something different" column.


At 1:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Something Different" should not mean "Anything Different", though.

Hey, put yourself on record here. Hillary or Barack? And don't say
"I don't know yet" because I'm sure you do know. And don't be stupid and say somebody else, like Al Gore, because you also know that can't happen.

I dislike McCain as well, but for different reasons. Can't you see him for the liberal he is? He has been a Republican for expediency's sake all these years. His voting record certainly doesn't stack up very high on the conservative side. The pandering that is going on now is just that, pandering. Saying anything to get elected (just like Hillary and Barack). But just like his fake Republicanism, if he ever gets in office, I think you libs would be very please with him. At least, if we can go by what you say now (during the campaign) that you want in a president. I'm sure you libs would never admit it, though.

Frankly, I'll vote for him in November, though, simply because I could not stomach the alternative as much as I could McCain.

And, just a thought here, I think the Democrats would be very foolish to give Barack the nomination. Not that I am myself prejudiced, but I truly believe, down to my toes, that this country will not, in this century, elect a man named Barack Hussein Obama as President. Not unless voter turnout is extremely low. There are too many people in this country who would vote against him just on the basis of his name. Sad? Perhaps. But that is what I think of my fellow Americans.

At 5:33 AM, Blogger PurplePol said...

I thought I made it clear. Given a choice between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama, I choose Senator Obama for this election. I trust that he will offset his lack of experience by surrounding himself with highly qualified and experienced people. That is the primary requirement for a good leader. At this stage of the game it's a "leap of faith" but I'm willing to take that leap.

Will Democrats vote en masse for Obama? That's the $24,000 question. The VP selection will probably play a very large role in the answer to that question. Couple that with a demoralized conservative base who may not muster the enthusiasm to even vote this November and you have a very interesting and muddled general election coming down the pike.

At 7:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so far, obama has surrounded himself with a lot of the same "highly qualified and experienced people" that failed us during the clinton administration, leading to the problems we have today. terrorism did not begin on 9/11. and true, it did not begin during the clinton administration either. but if the people he;'s surrounded himself with so far are any indication of what an obama white house will look like, we're all in for it. i mean, really, even on the right, can't he do better than albright and clark, for gosh sakes?


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